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Tools connections configuration
Published On May 16, 2024 - 2:05 PM

Tools connections configuration

The tools provider connection allows you to set up and interact with your preferred technologies in a faster and more secure way.
Once in the Connections page, follow these steps to add a new connection:
  1. Click
    Add New
  2. Select
    Add Connection
    . The Add Connection page opens.
In the Add Connection page, complete the following information to onboard your supported
  • Connection Name
    : Enter the connection name of your choice.
  • Tags
    : Select a tag from the dropdown menu.
  • Description
    : Enter the description for the connection.
  • Technology Category
    : Select
    Tools Provider
  • Connection Type
    : Select one of the supported cloud connections.
  • To finish the tools connection, follow the steps for the specific tool connection selected.
If available, the system automatically shows the recommended security policies and steps for your setup according to the specific tool provider.
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