Kyndryl Bridge

Kyndryl Bridge

Introduction to Kyndryl Bridge

This is an introduction to Kyndryl Bridge for regular enterprises and service providers.

Kyndryl Bridge is a cloud-native architecture that enables how we build, deploy, and manage Kyndryl Services for our customers, and partner providers. The goal of Kyndryl Bridge is to provide a subscription-based digital concierge into the world of Kyndryl services. This digital approach will simplify the management and growth of customer IT estate, reduce resource costs, encourage innovation, and accelerate a customer's digital transformation journey.

Kyndryl Bridge is an open integration platform designed to help customers consume and manage the most complex, heterogeneous, multi-cloud, and hybrid IT estates. It combines technology consulting, delivery, and alliances expertise to allow you to access default integrations, native partner collaboration, and a catalog of third-party services. Customers can easily explore and deploy new services, gain insight into improving business operations, and leverage the expertise of expert teams to help them innovate, expand, and be more productive.

Kyndryl Bridge offers a vast catalog of services categorized by service type. Each service comes with detailed descriptions that includes benefits, configurations, and other resources so you can learn the scope of the offerings and make smart decisions of your subscriptions. However, if more information is needed and you need more directions about the services, you can schedule a consultation call with a Kyndryl Bridge representative who can guide you throughout the process.

Thanks to the insights and recommendations from real-time analytics, technology leaders can grow their digital businesses by controlling, creating, preventing downtime, and forecasting future needs and costs more effectively. Work can be optimized with data and artificial intelligence (AI) delivering improved outcomes and enabling a digital business with modern capabilities.

Service Providers

Kyndryl Bridge also works as a services facilitator where you, as a service provider, can offer a place for your customers to explore and learn more about your services. Additionally, Kyndryl Bridge helps you to manage your customer requests in a seamless and expedited manner. This helps service providers to better integrate with the Bridge by accessing a consistent framework of tools to administer, deliver, manage, and orchestrate their services across practices and partners, and environments to reduce manual tasks.

Kyndryl Bridge roles

A role is a collection of permissions allowed to create an access policy; it defines a set of actions and permission that a user can perform within Bridge Core Service. You can also enable a subject (users or service IDs ) to perform a specific set of permissions on a resource. For additional details on how to grant or manage access, visit the managing roles page. There are two different types of roles:

  • Out of the Box roles (Administration Platform Roles, and Services Roles).
    • Administrator: Manages all access to IAM. It is the role given to the first user of the platform.
    • Editor: Has limited administrative access to IAM.
    • Viewer: Views public IAM information and act on their user IdP preferences.
    • Operator: Performs platform actions required to configure and manage services.
  • Custom roles: Kyndryl Bridge allows you to combine the different actions that the out-of-the-box roles include.

For additional details on the roles available and permissions required to execute specific actions in Kyndryl Bridge, visit the roles and permissions page.

Kyndryl Bridge functions

As a customer looking to grow your IT estate, you can perform the following functions of Kyndryl Bridge:

As a service provider looking to adopt Kyndryl Bridge capabilities, you can perform the following functions from Kyndryl Bridge:

Common Services in Kyndryl Bridge

Common Services are a set of curated base solutions, services, and capabilities providing key added value by Kyndryl Bridge. They range from ordering, provisioning, and delivering of services to observability, telemetry, and automation and come by default with your Kyndryl Bridge Enterprise account. These are services and applications that users can consume for free from day one, including:

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