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GCP cloud connection
Published On May 16, 2024 - 2:05 PM

GCP cloud connection

Learn how to onboard a new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) connection.
If you selected Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as your cloud provider connection, you need to complete the following information to finish your connection setup in the Kyndryl Platform:
Before you add your GCP provider connection in the Kyndryl Platform, you have to create a GCP account user with certain policy permissions, and then enter those account credentials to complete the provider connection onboarding. Complete the GCP onboarding guideline before proceeding with the connection configuration details. Failure in doing so prevents you from attaining the necessary API Key credentials that allows you to visualize GCP cost in Cost and Asset Management (CAM), and provision resources through Enterprise Marketplace (EM).
  • Connection Configuration Details
    • Billing data toggle
      : Toggle on if you are using this connection for billing data.
    • If the selection is
      , complete the following information:
      • Account Number
        : Enter the account number for which the bill is to be generated.
    • Project Name
      : Enter the GCP project name.
    • Project ID
      : Enter the GCP project ID. Click here for more details on
      GCP projects
    • Service Account Name
      : Enter the GCP service account name.
    • Bucket
      : Enter the bucket name, where GCP billing export is configured.
    • Report Prefix
      : Enter the prefix used while configuration of billing export to Bucket. Click here for more details on
      GCP Buckets
  • Credential Details
    • Data Set
      : Enter data set.
    • Service Key
      : Enter the billing JSON key (in base 64).
    • Additional Info
      : Enter any additional info that is required. 
  • Click
    Test Connection
    to test whether the credentials are valid.
  • Click
    and a
    “Success: [Connection Name] has been successfully added”
    alert is displayed.
If the connection was not successful, a
“Failed: [Connection Name] could not be added”
alert with the reasons for failure is displayed.
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