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The application suite
Published On May 16, 2024 - 2:00 PM

The application suite

Get an overview of the Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications suite, a comprehensive, managed platform used to present individual applications to users.

Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications Enterprise Marketplace

Enterprise Marketplace users are enabled for procurement of Cloud services. The application provides a catalog that users can browse and interfaces for acquiring and provisioning services and viewing orders. Enterprise Marketplace the same centralization principle as Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications but within the context of procurement.
Users are no longer saddled with disparate interfaces from multiple vendors and multiple resources; instead, they rely on a single pane of glass offering a unified view of all potential and in process orders. Enterprise Marketplace also enables the definition of policy to auto approve and deny orders. Enterprise Marketplace enables the following actions:
  • Browse catalog
  • Configure and order services
  • View orders

Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications Cost & Asset Management

Cost &Asset Management delivers an integrated and consolidated view of costs across hybrid cloud IT estates. This subscription allows effective governance of consumption and provides insights to identify cost optimizations.
You can take control of your hybrid IT spend and see if your cloud activities are meeting budget and performance objectives by increasing expedited visibility into your asset portfolio. Cost & Asset Management offers the following capabilities:
  • Cost management
    • Gain near real-time visibility into cost items with projected costs and deviations from budget and trends.
    • Define policies to identify services with high costs and low utilization to right-size assets and optimize spend.
    • Tag and allocate costs dynamically across business units, environments, and subscriptions.
  • Cost optimization
    • Monitor IT spend using advanced analytics to quickly identify underperforming assets with recommended actions to release assets, or reserve capacity to maximize your return on investment.
    • Gain data-informed recommendations for managing provider discount plans.

Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps)

Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications AIOps ensures the availability and performance of subscriptions, enabling an aggregated view of your IT asset inventory and single-pane visibility of the health of those assets.
Using the Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications Discovery service, AIOps automatically populates the Inventory dashboard with the latest inventory counts and continually updates the Health dashboard and related insights with performance and availability data using pre-configured service KPIs.
Using AIOps, IT professionals can take preemptive action in cases where performance indicates potential unavailability or otherwise unacceptable service levels and take quick corrective action when assets become unavailable.
Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications AIOps also supports the following actions:
  • Setup provider accounts and credentials
  • Performance and availability insights
  • Asset discovery
  • Kick-off ingestion
  • View Health and Inventory information for ingested and discovered assets

Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications DevOps Intelligence

The DevOps Intelligence application balances three competing factors in the DevOps management process:
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Speed
Although DevOps can help you achieve faster delivery, this speed usually comes at the cost of stability and security. In a manually managed system, individuals can usually control two of these variables, typically at the expense of the third.
DevOps enables optimization of all three. The challenge is that many organizations employ a lot of development and delivery tools to understand what's happening in their various environments. The result is a significant amount of uncorrelated data, which is not useful.
The DevOps Intelligence application collects data from a library of industry standard tools and correlates the data in the context of six arenas:
  • Development
  • Build
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Run
  • Security
This enables administrators in each of these disciplines to understand things such as success and failure rates, enabling the appropriate action to ensure stability, reliability, and speed.
Using the DevOps application, users can take the following actions:
  • Setup organization and team roles
  • Kick-off ingestion
  • View Develop, Build, Test, Run and Deploy dashboards.
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