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Introduction to Common Services
Published On May 16, 2024 - 1:59 PM

Introduction to Common Services

Learn what Common Services are and browse through the links to get to each of the Common Services pages.
Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications allows you to tailor your IT estate based on your unique business need. Common Services are a set of solutions, services, and capabilities provided by Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications. Common Services range from assisting and organizing data to observability and mapping resources.

Common Services capabilities and functions

The following sections provide detailed information about performing the functions of Common Actions Services:

Common Services Integrations

Common Services integrates with the following components:
  • ChatOps: Reduce communication barriers between teams for a more proactive decision-making.
  • Chatbot incident tracker: Retrieve console tickets and create, manage, and archive Slack channels from those tickets, including adding any other users as desired.
  • Sakhi widget: Provide insight to the Security and Compliance dashboard. Sakhi is a widget that answers user questions in plain language.
  • Topology: Improve support, visualization, and navigation for your resources.
    • Topology feature: Learn how the system works, get insight into dependencies between resources, and analyze possible outage impacts and blast radius.
    • Topology APIs: Perform actions in Topology through APIs.
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