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Introduction to Service Provider

Learn the main concepts, capabilities, functions, integrations and roles of Service Provider.

The Service Provider in Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications involves a number of concepts that are described as follows, to better understand everything that it entails as a service.

In a nutshell, a Service Provider is a vendor that provides IT solutions or services to end users and organizations.

Then, a Service Provider tenant is an Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications tenant created for service providers to manage a group of customer tenants and deliver IT solutions to these customers.

The Service Provider tenant has the following capabilities:

  • Create, update, and delete customer tenants.
  • Enable or disable applications for customer tenants.
  • Set up IdPs for customer tenants.
  • Manage customer connections to external technologies like cloud providers and tools providers.
  • Proxy into customer tenants with limited permissions to perform initial basic settings or provide support as needed.

With the Service Provider Tenant Manager, you can create different customer tenants according to your needs, add the applications needed, manage your customer tenants and even proxy into them.

A customer tenant is an Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications tenant created by a Service Provider administrator for its customers.

Delegation is the process of a customer tenant handing over their authority to a Service Provider as a user of their tenant with limited capabilities.

In Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications role-based access control, delegation of access involves delegating a set of permissions that a Service Provider tenant can assume in their customer tenants.

Delegated access provides the ability for a Service Provider to login to its customer tenants without the need of being invited to the tenant. A Service Providers can login to its customer tenants only when it has been agreed with the customer and delegated access flag is enabled for the particular Service Provider tenant manager.

Service Provider administration

The Service Provider Administration portal is a unified single portal targeted for service providers that enables a brand new business model with governance capabilities to manage services at scale to small and medium-sized customers.

The Service Provider Administration portal addresses the main needs of IT service providers, such as resellers and cloud provider partners, to execute their business and manage their customers efficiently.

It is through the enablement of this self service digital experience portal that service provider administrators can create and manage their customer tenants. Basically, a service provider acquires this service and leverages the platform to execute its business model, which is providing cloud services to its customers, managing those services, and billing for those services. It enables multi-tenant management with scalability, automation, and governance across all tenant resources.

The Service Provider administration portal provides the following benefits:

  • Unified customer life-cycle management
    • Offering a comprehensive tool for onboarding, managing and delivering services to your customers.
    • Helping you gain value by enabling the appropriate platform applications and features of your choice.
    • Providing the advantage of customer data isolation from one customer to the other.
  • Scalability and automation
    • You can easily deploy one new customer tenant in minutes based on your preferred settings.
  • Cross customer visibility and monitoring
    • Visualizing customer tenant status, monitoring tenants and managing their platform main settings.
  • Customer platform connections management
    • Enabling connections with various cloud providers from one single portal.
    • Managing which cloud providers to enable to your customers.
    • Acquiring services and selectively publishing to your customers.
    • Enabling provider connections to your customers.
  • Centrally manage costs, resources, and utilization information for your customer tenants

  • Manage your service operations, your catalogs, and your customer catalogs

To keep Pricing Policies and rates aligned, the default currency in the Service Provider tenant will be the same currency for the customer tenants.

Service Provider functions and capabilities

The following sections provide detailed information about performing the functions of Service Provider:

Service Provider integrations

Service Provider integrates with Cost & Asset Management (CAM). CAM for Service Providers offers a variety of functionalities to view both the service provider and the customer tenant data.

With CAM, Service Providers can consolidate and view all their customers costs for each provider into their own master tenant dashboard and centrally manage costs, resources, and utilization data visible to their customer tenants. To learn more about how Service Provider integrates with CAM, see CAM for Service Providers.

Service Provider also integrates with Enterprise Marketplace. In this case, the tenant Service Provider will create and maintain a central service offerings catalog for all customers that will be known as the master catalog. The service offerings are distributed from the service provider tenant to the client tenants.

From there, customers will discover and pull the services as appropriate. To learn more about how Service Provider integrates with Enterprise Marketplace, see Enterprise Marketplace for Service Providers.

In addition, Service Provider integrates with Shared Services. Shared Services for Service Provider are a set of features that Service Providers provide to their Customer Tenants as part of the services they offer. To learn more about how Service Provider integrates with Shared Services, see Shared Services for Service Provider.

Service Provider role

What a specific user can do in Service Provider depends on the role that that user is assigned.

The following roles currently exist in the system. For more information, see

  • Service Provider Administrator: The Service Provider Administrator is a role given to the first user in the Service Provider tenant, who has full administrative access to the platform and to manage customer tenants.

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