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Service Provider catalog management
Published On Jul 02, 2024 - 2:51 PM

Service Provider catalog management

Provides guidance about how to manage providers and services for client tenants created under Service Provider.
A Service Provider tenant is a Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications tenant created so that you as a service provider can manage a group of customer tenants and deliver IT solutions to those customers.
The catalogs in Enterprise Marketplace can be freely distributed to your clients on a per client basis. For more information about creating catalogs, seeProvider management. For more information about Service Provider, see Introduction to Service Provider.
All these functions occur on the
Catalog Management
page. To learn more about navigating to the different services from each tenant, refer to Landing page navigation or Kyndryl Bridge Landing page navigation.

Distributing services

After you have created catalogs in Enterprise Marketplace, you can distribute them to your client tenants. For more information about creating client tenants, see Accounts management. To distribute services, complete these steps:
  1. On the
    Catalog Management
    page, click
    Distribute Services
  2. On the
    Distributed Services
    page, click
    New Distribution
    in the upper right.
  3. On the
    New Distribution
    window, enter the following information and then click
    1. In the
      Select Customer
      field, select the client that you want the service to be distributed to.
    2. In the
      Select Services
      field, select one or more services that you want to distribute to the selected client.

Managing distributed services

To manage distributed services, on the
Catalog Management
page, click
Distribute Services
Distributed Services
page lists the services that have already been distributed to clients. The following information is displayed for each service:
  • Customer Name
  • Service Name
  • Provider
  • Version
  • Last Updated On
You can use the
field to locate a specific service. Enter the search terms into the box and press
. You can also click
to filter the listed services by
Customer Name
. Make your selections and then click
Filter selection
to only display the results that meet any of the criteria selected.
You can select services and perform the following actions on them:
  • Download
  • Undistribute Services:
    Removes the service from the client tenant so it is no longer available for provisioning. Undistributed services cannot be reinstated. Distribute the service to that client again.

Viewing distributed service history

To view the history of your services, click the
View History
button in the upper right of the
Catalog Management
page. The
page displays all the distributed services in chronological order. Click the number in the
Total Count
column to view the
Detailed Job Status
window for that service including details about any failures. Click
to close the window.
You can see any services that have been removed from distribution by clicking the
tab. Services that have been undistributed cannot be reinstated. Instead, distribute that service to that client again.
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