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Introduction to GitOps
Published On Jun 13, 2024 - 12:12 PM

Introduction to GitOps

An overview of the GitOps features that connect your Git repositories, initiate GitOps/DevOps processes in Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications and process them in the DevOps infrastructure.
The following capabilities can be implemented for the DevOps/GitOps workflows using Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications:
  • Pricing
  • Order tracking
  • Technical and financial approvals
  • Approval policies
  • Budgetary management workflows
  • Resource tagging


These instructions are for DevOps Engineers and Managers who need to enable pricing and governance for DevOps pipelines, and for IT Operations and Finance Managers who need to implement policies and financial governance for DevOps/GitOps workflows.

Workflow summary

The GitOps workflow process includes the following steps:
  1. Configure the MCMP webhook URL to the Git repository.
  2. Configure the pipeline webhook URL to the Git repository.
  3. Trigger the job with the webhook created from your order.
  4. Go to the Git repository and commit a master request form.
  5. Request an order from Enterprise Marketplace.
  6. Create a new master request form or request change.
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