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Published On Jun 17, 2024 - 9:30 AM


Subscription is the first step to enable a service in your Kyndryl Bridge account.
If a service offering has a 'no configuration needed' set price program, the subscribe button will be enabled for users registered to a Kyndryl Bridge Enterprise account. 
To subscribe to a service:
  1. From the Kyndryl Marketplace, select the service of your interest. 
  2. Click the
    button for the fixed price package offering of your interest. 
  3. The configuration page will be displayed. Since this is a limited scope, no configuration needed quick start program, all you need to do is review the information provided, confirm your interest in subscribing to the service, and click
    . Otherwise, click
  4. Once again, you may review the information entered by clicking the chevron down arrow or the
    Expand All Configured Items
    toggle. If required, click the
    button to change or add additional details. Otherwise, click
    Request Subscription
    to finish.
You will be redirected to the
Console Subscriptions
page. An email will also be sent confirming the subscription has been requested. For more information, visit managing subscriptions.

Customers with an existing contract

The subscription process may vary for Kyndryl Bridge customers with an existing contract for one of our services. After selecting the service from the Kyndryl Bridge Marketplace, click the
Submit Request
button for a Kyndryl representative to review your request and activate your service. At this point, the system will prompt you to view your request in
My Console
, or to continue navigating the Marketplace.
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