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Published On Jun 13, 2024 - 1:02 PM


Consultations allow you to understand the benefits of a particular service with the help of Kyndryl representatives.
If you need additional information from a sales representative, you can schedule a consultation at your preferred time. This is a 30-minute session where you can discuss and determine if the service you selected is the most suitable solution for your environment.
To book a consultation:
  1. From the Kyndryl Marketplace, click the service of your interest.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the
    Schedule a Consultation
  3. Enter the following details:
    1. Title: Enter a meaningful title to describe your request.
    2. Service category: Select a category, if not already selected.
    3. Service name: Select a service, if not already selected.
    4. (Optional) Service package: Select a service from the dropdown list. This option might not be visible for all services as not all of them include a service package.
    5. Consultation subject: Select the type of inquiry you have regarding the service. You can select multiple options:
      • Pricing
      • Subscription
      • Configuration
      • About Services
      • Billing and Quotation
      • Others 
  4. Description: Enter additional details you want to know during the consultation. This is a mandatory field.
  5. Call type: Select the communication type. This is a mandatory field.
    • Voice call
    • Video call
  6. Meeting date: Select an available date from the calendar.
  7. Time range: Select the time frame where you will prefer to be contacted. This is a 3-hour time slot.
  8. Click
  9. Review the information entered. If required, click the
    Edit Consultation Details
    button to change or add additional details. Otherwise, click
    Submit Request
You will be redire cted to the
Console Consultations
page. An email will also be sent confirming this request. For more information, see managing consultations.
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