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Microsoft Azure
Published On Jun 17, 2024 - 7:43 AM

Microsoft Azure

Integrate Microsoft Azure into your Enterprise Marketplace Catalog.
Microsoft Azure is a public cloud provider that can be integrated with your tenant. After it is integrated, the services that Microsoft Azure offers can be turned into catalogs that you can list for your clients in Enterprise Marketplace Catalog. For more information, see the Microsoft Azure Official Website.

Integrating Microsoft Azure

Before you can provision Microsoft Azure services using Catalog, you need to integrate the two systems. There are two options available to do so:
  • Manually
  • Using the Servicification tool

Manually onboarding Microsoft Azure

The manual onboarding technique involves creating a CSP account in Microsoft Azure and then linking that account to your tenant. For more information, see Creating Azure accounts.

The Bring Your Own Catalog Item tool and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure can be integrated using the Bring Your Own Catalog Item tool. This tool allows you to onboard native templates into your tenant as-is without making any changes to them. For more information, see Template management using the Bring Your Own Catalog Item tool.

Available services

Not all services offered by Microsoft Azure are available for provisioning. For a complete list of all that are currently available, see Public cloud integrations.

Day2Ops and Microsoft Azure

Day2Ops Standard Ops are available for VM resources from Microsoft Azure. For more information, see Day2Ops. There are special considerations for Day2Ops for Azure services imported using Terraform templates. For more information, see the Microsoft Azure Terraform template considerations section of Day2Ops.
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