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Support tickets
Published On Jun 17, 2024 - 9:30 AM

Support tickets

Kyndryl Bridge provides a support request form, allowing users to report issues within the Kyndryl Platform.
Only users with an enterprise account or personal account are allowed to create support tickets. By limiting access to specific accounts, we maintain the integrity of the system and ensure that we provide the level of support needed for customers and users. If you do not have a Kyndryl Bridge account, visit the portal page and sign up for an account.

To create a support request

You can create a support ticket from these four places, after logging into your account:
  • The footer of any Kyndryl Bridge page. Click the
    Create Support Request
    link at the bottom of the page.
  • The Support text in the global navigation at the top right of the page. Click the
    text and select
    Create Support Request
    from the menu.
  • The
    page. Click
    Create Request
  • In
    My Console Home
    , from the secondary navigation, select the
    Support Tickets
    option and click
    Create Ticket
In the
Create Request
page, you can request assistance for the Kyndryl Bridge Platform, or for any of the services that you are subscribed to. Fill out the intake form with the following information:
  1. Where are you experiencing this issue?: The possible options to choose from include the Bridge Platform itself (issues in the Marketplace or Console spaces), or any of the services that you are subscribed to.
    If you are not subscribed to any services, this field is not displayed on the intake form.
  2. How extensive is the impact of the issue you are facing?.
    • Low: Single user / Any Environment – Select if your issue is only impacting you but in any environment (Development, Staging, Production).
    • Medium: Multiple users / Any Environment – Select if your issue is impacting a larger number of users in any environment (Development, Staging, Production).
    • High: Entire Organization / Production Systems: Select if your issue is impacting your production environment for your entire team.
  3. How urgent is this for your ongoing work?
    • Minor: Minimal disruption on experience without impacting business operations.
    • Moderate: Noticeable impacts experience without preventing using the service.
    • Critical: Prevents using the service or significantly impacts the ability to use it.
  4. Title of your issue
  5. Details of your issue: Make sure to explain in detail what the problem you are experiencing is, and what steps were taken to reproduce the issue.
  6. Click
    to submit your ticket.
After you have submitted your ticket, you will be redirected to
My Console
 Support page. This is the place where you can track the progress of your tickets.

To track the progress of your request

  To learn how to manage support tickets, see Managing support tickets.
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