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Enterprise Marketplace release notes
Published On Jun 13, 2024 - 10:25 AM

Enterprise Marketplace release notes

This page covers the current release notes in Enterprise Marketplace.
June 12th
ITSM supported with Foundation APIs: ITSM integration is now supported by the Foundation APIs.
June 5th
  • Sequencing available for Service Chaining: The order in which the catalogs are presented to the user in a pattern can now be set without using link parameters. for more information, see Service Chaining.
  • Enterprise Marketplace Catalog page updated: To improve the usability of the Catalog page, the filter has been upgraded and some design changes have been made.
  • Update to Washington DC release of ServiceNow: Droplet-scoped applications are now supported for the Washington DC release of ServiceNow.
May 29th
Demonstration catalogs available for new tenants: Catalogs for demonstration purposes have been added to Enterprise Marketplace. These catalogs are available out of the box and can be used to demonstrate all functions including Service Chaining. They are not to be used in production environments. For more information, see Demonstration catalogs.
May 22nd
Providers and connections for private providers now available: Providers not supported by Terraform and connections to those providers can now be created in systems using the V3 Authorization model to create a streamlined onboarding experience.
May 8th
  • V3 authorization API added for SAS: To support the new V3 authorization model, a new API is available for the SAS solution.
  • Terraform modules can now be retrieved from secured Git repositories: Terraform templates can be altered so that they can automatically provide authentication when retrieving modules from Git repositories. The feature includes support for nested modules.
May 1st
Access tags available as context: Access tags can now be used to determine context within catalog personalization policies, approval policies and operation policies, allowing finer control of policy application.
April 24th
  • ITSM user interface now supports Foundation APIs: The user interface for integrating with and updating ITSM systems has been updated to support the Foundation APIs.
  • New authorization model APIs: The APIs for configuration and feature flags have been updated to align with the new Foundation APIs.
  • SOIs based on Terraform templates are now editable: Stacks based on Terraform templates can now be edited on the
    Ordered Services
    page. Only attributes that are marked Editable during configuration management can be changed. These providers are supported:
    • Alibaba Cloud
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • IBM Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure
April 17th
Update to Order Status widget: The Order Status widget available on the Dashboard has been improved to better inform the user, including being able to click through to the Order History page with the same filters applied.
April 10th
Day2Ops supported for Azure Terraform resources: The following Day2Ops Standard Ops are supported for Microsoft Azure resources that were onboarded using Terraform templates:
  • TurnON
  • TurnOFF
  • Reboot
The following Azure resources are supported:
  • azurerm_linux_virtual_machine
  • azurerm_windows_virtual_machine
  • azurerm_virtual_machine
March 27th
V3 integration available for ServiceNow: ServiceNow integration is now available using the UI for tenants using the V3 authorization model. For more information, see ServiceNow integration for V3 Authorization.
March 20th
Scalability improvement for Terraform Engine: The ability of the Terraform Engine to handle concurrent additions of providers and catalog orders has been improved.
March 13th
Conditional links added to Service Chaining: Catalogs in a Service Chaining pattern can now be linked based on conditions set by the user. This feature is currently supported with APIs only.
March 6th
Known issues resolved for Angular upgrade: Multiple issues involving the Modern Ops UI being upgraded to version 16 of the Angular framework of the Carbon Design System have been resolved.
February 21st
  • Sequencing for Service Chaining Beta release: A new system that allows designers to set the provisioning sequence for offerings in a service chain using APIs has been released to select customers. The full release with UI is coming soon.
  • Angular upgraded to v16: The Modern Ops UI has been upgraded to version 16 of the Angular framework of the Carbon Design System, which has been upgraded to version 1.1. This Carbon Components upgrade will result in look and feel changes across the UI, as well as slight changes in the functionality of some UI elements.
  • Status colors restored to Order History page: The colors that help indicate order status on the
    Order History
    page have been restored.
January 17th
Integration base images upgraded: Several integration and enterprise platform specific base images have been made specific to Enterprise Marketplace and have been upgraded to enhance security and improve efficiency. The rest of the base images will be upgraded in the coming weeks.

Known issues

For a list of known issues, see Enterprise Marketplace known issues.
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