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Introduction to provider management
Published On Jun 13, 2024 - 1:04 PM

Introduction to provider management

Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications can be integrated with providers of different services so that you can offer them to your customers.
Integrations is a blanket term for any integration between Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications and another application. Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications can integrate with the providers of various kinds of services so that you can offer those services in the form of catalogs to your customers using Enterprise Marketplace. You can also integrate with ITSM applications and manage the way that the integrated material is integrated into the platform.

Types of services available

For public cloud, any service that can be provisioned using a provider’s native templating technology can be offered as a catalog in Enterprise Marketplace (except for IBM Cloud because it does not have a native template and instead uses Terraform). The following combinations are available in Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications:
  • Public Cloud:
    Public cloud offerings are cloud offerings that are available to the general public from cloud service providers. Public clouds can have the following configurations:
    • Demo Standard Catalogs:
      These catalogs are built by Kyndryl for demonstration purposes only, and cannot be used in a production environments.
    • Client Built/Third Party Custom Content:
      These are catalogs that you develop, although support is available through Kyndryl if desired.
  • Private Cloud:
    Private cloud are offerings in which the cloud services are hosted either by your company or by a third party company where the computing resources are reserved for your company’s use. Private cloud offerings have the following possible configurations:
    • Client Built/Third Party Content:
      These are catalogs that you develop. Support is available through Kyndryl at a negotiated rate.
For more information, see Service content models.

Templates supported

The services that are included in the catalog are provisioned using templates. For public cloud, the following templates are supported:
Template Type
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
CloudFormation (JSON and YAML)
Microsoft Azure
Azure ARM
Google Cloud
Deployment Manager
IBM Cloud

Integrating with public cloud services

MCMP provides support for all major public cloud providers as well as Terraform. You can provide these providers’ technologies and services to your customers using the Enterprise Marketplace Catalog. Not all services provided by each cloud service provider can be used in Enterprise Marketplace. For a list of the services that are available for each cloud provider, see Public cloud integrations.
For specifics about each public cloud provider, see the following pages:
The easiest way to provide catalogs using Enterprise Marketplace is to use the Bring Your Own Catalog Item tool. This tool allows you to onboard native templates into the Enterprise Marketplace as-is without making any changes to them.
In addition to using provider-specific templates, you can also use the Kyndryl Terraform Engine so that you have a consistent CLI format across the following providers:
  • IBM Cloud: 1.13.0
  • Microsoft Azure: 2.20.0
  • Google Cloud: 3.45.0
  • Alibaba Cloud: 1.103.2
  • Amazon Web Service: 3.15.0

Integrating with private cloud services

Enterprise Marketplace can also be integrated with private cloud services. For a complete list of services that are available for each cloud provider, see Private cloud integrations.

Integrating with software as a service providers

In addition to public and private cloud providers, Enterprise Marketplace can be integrated with SaaS providers to allow you to use the services that those providers offer to create catalogs. For more information, see SaaS marketplace integrations. The following SaaS providers are supported:

Integrating with IT service management applications

In addition to offering a full featured ITSM service module in AIOps, Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications can also be integrated with other ITSM applications so that you can manage all catalogs provisioned using Enterprise Marketplace from that service. The following ITSM applications are supported:

Migrating from a non-multitenant dedicated environment to a multitenant environment

If you have a non-multitenant (non-MT) environment and want to migrate it to an MT environment, see Migrate a non-MT dedicated environment to an MT environment.

Creating catalogs

You can create catalogs that will appear in Enterprise Marketplace Catalog that allow your customers to order the services in those catalogs. These catalogs can include fields that the customer needs to fill out to provide parameters for the catalog request such as the amount of storage requested, the group that they belong to, and so on. For more information, see Provider management.

Explanation of terminology

For a list of terms used in these pages, see the Glossary.
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