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Corporate currency configuration
Published On Jun 14, 2024 - 9:31 AM

Corporate currency configuration

Learn about the corporate currency, which is the single currency used to display all currency values in Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications.
The corporate currency is set during the initial setup and configuration for each customer. Once set, it cannot be changed.

Default supported currencies

From the list of ISO currencies that the application provides, there is a default currencies set. This selection of currencies is called Default Tenant Supported Currencies (TSC).
If a Customer Tenant decides to add currencies to the Default Tenant Currencies list, then this complete list of currencies would be called Instance Currencies.
As a System Administrator, you can set up this list for your own tenant.
Currency conversion rates for your tenant can be set up only using currencies from the selected TSC list.
For the complete list of Default Tenant Supported Currencies, see Default supported currencies.

Setting up the corporate currency for the tenant

The Pricing Policy Administrator of the Tenant (Service Provider or Customer Tenant) is able to set Corporate Currency (CC) for the Tenant(s).
In the
Currency management
page, there are two tabs:
  • Currency setup
  • Conversion rate
Currency setup
tab is the one you use to set up the Corporate Currency. This page presents a list of currencies from which to select the Corporate Currency you want by selecting the radio button next to it.
Once you have made your currency selection, click
at the bottom of the table. Otherwise, to clean your selections, click
When you confirm your currency selection, you get a message saying once the Corporate Currency is set for this tenant, it cannot be changed. So, you click the check box to acknowledge that you understand this, and then click
. Otherwise, if you are not sure of your selection, click
For more information on currency conversion, see Currency conversion.

Customer tenant corporate currency configuration

Once the Corporate Currency in SP is confirmed, you must also select whether you want to apply this Service Provider Corporate Currency as Corporate Currency of all future Customer Tenants. Select the radio button for either
and then click
. Otherwise, click
to make any changes to your selections.
The default corporate currencies have to be updated before a new customer tenant is provisioned.
If you select to apply this Corporate Currency to all future tenants, you get a message saying that:
All future Customer Tenants will use this tenant Corporate Currency. No change for existing Customer Tenants.
You then select the checkbox shown to apply this Corporate Currency to all future tenants, and then click
All future Customer Tenants will use this tenant Corporate Currency. No change for existing Customer Tenants.
You then get a
Success notification - Data saved successfully
, and that is the end of the Corporate Currency configuration process. If at any time you want to change your Corporate Currency selection for your Customer Tenant, you must click
to the right of the screen.
Only some specific Shared Services roles can perform actions with Corporate Currency. For the complete list of Shared Services roles, see Shared Services roles.
For more details about Customer Tenants inheriting the Corporate Currency from the Service Provider, see Corporate currency for Service Provider.
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