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Approval process
Published On Jun 13, 2024 - 1:02 PM

Approval process

Enables technical, financial, and legal approvers to confirm or deny Enterprise Marketplace orders manually.
Enterprise Marketplace processes financial approval or denial only after technical approval has already occurred. If you submit financial approval without previous technical approval, you receive a message requesting you to submit financial approval after technical approval has been processed. A message confirms when the approval/denial process completes.
If you want to review and approve or deny an order, complete the following steps:
  1. Select an order from the
    Pending Approval
    order list.
  2. Review the order details, order updates, and catalog details, which contain the following information:
    • Order create date
    • Who placed the order and its current owner
    • Order update dates
    • Catalog and provider name
    • Technical details
  3. If a
    Budget Details
    pull-down menu displays, select the budgetary unit to assign the order to. A pop-up window displays asking you to confirm your selection.
  4. Click
    . The
    Budget Details
    are displayed.
  5. Click
    . A popup window displays, prompting you to select the review type. The approvals can be done in any order.
    • If you are both the technical and financial approver, select both the
      approval types.
    • If you are a technical approver only, choose the
      approval type.
    • If you are a financial approver only, choose the
      approval type.
  6. Click
    to close the completion message.
Patterns are approved as a single block. You cannot approve individual catalogs in the Pattern.
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