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Bill of Materials
Published On Jun 07, 2024 - 10:24 AM

Bill of Materials

Manage your catalog service charges using the Bill of Materials (BOM).
Use the following pages to access a BOM. To learn more about navigating to the different services from each tenant, refer to Landing page navigation or Kyndryl Bridge Landing page navigation.
  • Catalog:
    After submitting an order, click
    at the bottom left of the
    Order Summary
    page to view the BOM for the new stack.
  • Shopping Cart:
    From the Shopping Cart's
    Cart Items
    pane, click the
    Bill of Materials
    link to review service charges.
  • My team's orders:
    Click the
    icon next to the desired order and select
    Bill of Materials
  • Approve Orders:
    Click the
    icon next to the desired order and select
    Bill of Materials
  • Inventory:
    Click the
    icon next to the desired inventory item and select
    View Service
    . On the
    tab, select
    near the bottom right of the page to display the BOM.
If you want to close the BOM, click

Charges in the Bill of Materials

The BOM displays the following detailed line-item charges for a stack:
  • Recurring charge
  • Estimated usage charge
  • One-time change
Estimated costs in the BOM do not include provider, regional, or any other tax such as sales or value added tax (VAT).

Recurring Charge

A recurring charge is a fixed amount paid to the provider every month. A cable subscription cost is an example of a recurring charge. What you pay the cable company always remains the same. Time spent watching television does not factor into your monthly cable bill.

Estimated Usage Charge

Some catalogs charge based on service usage. When ordering the catalog, the user estimates service usage. The estimated usage charge is the result of multiplying the unit cost by the user-provided usage estimate.
For example, when a storage service charges 10 cents per GB per month and you estimate your department's monthly storage use at 500 GB per month, your estimated usage charge would be $50.00 per month.
An actual usage charge is based on how much storage you really do use during the month.

One-Time Charge

A one-time charge is a fixed charge, such as a service access or service change fee.
An example of a one-time charge would be the charge a customer incurs when they start a new mobile phone plan. They pay a fee one time to open the new account and begin service.
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