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Cost & Assets Management release notes
Published On Jul 05, 2024 - 9:52 AM

Cost & Assets Management release notes

Cost & Assets Management provides the following support:
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April 17th

Enhanced Segment Capacity in CAM Cost Trends Analysis: The CAM platform has been enhanced to allow up to 50 segments in cost trends charts. This allows users to add as many segments as necessary for a more personalized and insightful view of cost trends.

March 20th

AWS Container Metering in Cost Allocation: Users can now leverage AWS container metering to achieve granular cost allocation for resources used within containerized environments. This feature supports Kubernetes environments, including AWS EKS and AWS Fargate, and enhances the precision of cost management for clusters, CPU, and memory based on namespace utilization.

February 28th

  • Cloud Native Oracle Cloud Asset Extraction: CAM has enhanced its FinOps capabilities with the integration of Oracle Cloud as a supported adapter for asset extraction. This development addresses the need for custom adapter creation, which previously added significant time and cost to onboarding projects. The Oracle Cloud adapter simplifies the asset extraction process, leading to more efficient onboarding and optimization in cost management for customers using Oracle Cloud services. This feature is available across all Kyndryl editions and empowers users from Enterprise IT Finance to provide better cost transparency and understanding of IT spend from Oracle Cloud, extending across multiple cloud providers, business lines, and operational teams.
  • Cloud Native Oracle Cloud Asset Tag Extraction: Cost & Asset Management now integrates Oracle Cloud as a supported adapter for cost extraction, enhancing the efficiency of onboarding and cost management for Oracle Cloud services. This update reduces onboarding time and costs and improves spending visibility and management, which is applicable across all editions. It enables Enterprise IT Finance teams to achieve a more transparent and effective understanding of IT expenditures related to Oracle Cloud.

February 21st

  • Cloud Native Oracle Cloud Cost Extraction in CAM: Cost and Asset Management now includes Oracle Cloud as a supported adapter for cost extraction, streamlining onboarding and optimizing cost management. This update offers a more efficient approach for customers deploying services on Oracle Cloud, reducing both onboarding time and costs. With this integration, users gain enhanced visibility into cost trends and can manage their spending more effectively. The solution's benefits extend across all editions, providing comprehensive cost transparency and enabling Enterprise IT Finance teams to facilitate a clear understanding of IT spending from Oracle Cloud.
  • UI upgraded to Angular version 16 in Cost & Asset Management: With the Angular 16 upgrade, now we have enhanced UI performance, new features to the UI framework, and improved security (All security vulnerabilities are fixed).

February 14th

  • New Commitment-Based Discounts dashboard available in Cost & Asset Management: Users can now access details and recommendations for pricing on services from Azure on a dedicated dashboard. This feature is accessible only after enabling a feature flag.
  • Renamed Feature - Add to Graph: The "Add to Graph" has been renamed to "Compare Costs" for enhanced clarity.

January 31st

  • Cloud provider ingestion status data available: Users can now view ingestion status in the Costs and Assets dashboard recommendation job status in Insights, Anomalies, and Discount pages, and tag recommendation and tag compliance job status in Tag Management pages.
  • Compare costs table is available in the Costs Dashboard: Users can view a table with the total cost and timeline information.

Known Issues

For a list of known issues, see: Known Issues.
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