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Provider metered cost details
Published On May 23, 2024 - 11:26 AM

Provider metered cost details

Analyze provider metered cost by billing period.
To access the Provider Metered Cost Details dashboard, complete the following steps:
Provider Metered Cost Details
from the list.
This dashboard consists of the following components:
  • Metered Cost Trend (Graph)
  • Provider Metered Cost Details List (Table)
  • Metered cost data with IBM cost of sales adjustment.

Metered Cost Trend Graph

The Metered Cost Trend graph displays the current month-to-date currency-wise cost trends and up to 13 months of historical data. This graph summarizes the costs reported by the provider to be able to correlate them with those billed by Kyndryl.

Provider Metered Cost Details List

Use the Provider Metered Costs Details list to view total costs displayed by billing period and currency. You can view the total cost in the currency that was billed by the provider by applying the
Choose a billing period
Choose a currency
You can click the dropdown arrow next to the billing period to see a total cost breakdown. Alternately, you can also generate a
file to view the provider metered cost list in detail by clicking the
button in the right side of the table.

Support for sharing Provider Metered Cost data with IBM Cost of Sales Adjustment (COSA) application

The following provider-metered cost data can be shared with IBM Cost of Sales Adjustment (COSA) application by turning on the CAM Feature Flag:
  • Cost by Provider.
  • Cost by Asset Type.
  • Cost by Category.
  • Asset Count by Category.
  • Asset Count by Asset type.
  • Provider Tag Count per Tenant.
  • Asset Count by Provider.
  • Count of Cost Items by Provider.
  • Last Ingestion Status by Provider.
  • Last Ingestion Duration.
For more information on CAM feature Flag go to Supported APIs.
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