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Provider cost and invoice details visibility
Published On May 23, 2024 - 11:26 AM

Provider cost and invoice details visibility

Display provider cost and invoicing data to a group of users by using user contexts in.
With the ability to selectively display or obscure specific information, you can compare the customer cost with the provider cost and also identify cost events based on provider (wholesale) cost or customer (retail) cost.
You can allow users to have access to different data such as:
  • Invoice Start Date
  • Invoice End Date
  • Provider Invoice ID
  • Provider Currency
  • Provider Unit Cost
  • Provider Total Cost
  • Provider Tax Cost
  • Provider Description

Enabling data visibility

To enable or disable data visibility to specific users, follow the steps:
  1. Select
    Provider Cost and Invoice Details Visibility
    from the settings drop-down list. You are provided with one tab:
    Visibility by Context
    : where you enable visibility of provider cost and invoice data details for users as defined in the context. This tab displays a table containing:
    • Context type
    • Context name
    • Context value
    • Provider cost and invoice data visibility.
  2. Under the provider cost and invoice data visibility column, click the arrow. The arrow changes to a green color which means visibility has been granted.
  3. If you desire to switch visibility off, click the green arrow again.
    Every time you switch visibility settings, a message confirmation pops up at the top right corner of your page.
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