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Cost & Asset Management

Published On May 23, 2024 - 11:14 AM


Receive email or app notification regarding the status of your costs and assets.
Cost & Asset Management (CAM)
sends you both in app and email notifications.
In app notifications can be accessed by using the bell icon located on the top right corner of the application.
Users can find the following notifications on CAM:
  • Cost/Asset report success notifications.
  • Cost/Asset report in-progress notifications.
  • Cost and Asset Management Accounts Validation Failed.
  • Costs updated after remediation.
  • Cost and Asset Management Remediation job failed.
The application sends the following email notifications to users:
  • Cost & Asset Management Accounts Validation Failed.
  • Cost & Asset Management PostEnrichment optional tasks failed.
  • Cost & Asset Management Ingestion Failed.
  • Currency/Pricing Policy Conversion Failed.
  • Cost exceeds the budget displayed in the Cost chart.
To set up CAM notification preferences, follow Setting notifications preferences for users.
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