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Services by Cost Line Items
Published On May 16, 2024 - 10:37 AM

Services by Cost Line Items

View detailed information about recommendations
The Services by Cost table provides a deeper look at the recommendations based on the criteria previously selected.

Define the table view

You can configure the columns displayed in the table by clicking the
icon, called.
“Select your view”
, at the table's upper right side. A window displays where you can select the columns to be displayed, you can also rearrange the display order of the columns, by dragging up or down the name of the column from the list. Click
Select all
to include all columns or use the check box to select the ones you want to analyze.
  • Category
  • Provider
  • Recommendation For
  • Age of recommendation
  • Recommendation status
  • Recommendation type
  • Recommendation
  • Reason of the recommendation
  • Source
  • Estimated savings
Once you select the criteria, click
for the table to automatically update.
Follow steps to configure a service by cost:
  1. Click the configuration icon located on the header. The application displays a new window. You can add Provider Tags and Dynamic Tags to be presented on the chart.
  2. Once selected, you can edit the name of the Provider Tags and the Dynamic Tags if necessary:
    1. Click the
      that appears next to the name, modify the name, and click
  3. Click
    for the configuration to be saved and reflected on the Services by Cost table.

View asset recommendations

Follow steps to analyze asset recommendation:
  1. On the table, click the row where the asset that you want to view is. A new page displays with the recommendation details:
    • Period
    • Correlation Asset ID
    • Asset Start Date
    • Operational State
    • Age in days
    • Provider Region Code
    You can always view the asset details by clicking
    View Asset
    at the beginning of the page.
  2. Recommendation details section provides details of the asset by clicking the details, properties, tags, and associated costs.
  3. Other active recommendations
    : provide information about active recommendations type, age of recommendation status, general recommendations, and estimated savings.
  4. Previous recommendations:
    This table provides the historical recommendations previously given and that are inactive.

Generate insights data file report

You can download the data available in your Insights page in a CSV, XLSX, or JSON format. This report is based on the configuration and filters applied on the dashboard and tables.
Follow steps to create your data report:
  1. At the beginning of the page, click the
    option available.
  2. A new window displays to generate the file report. You can select the invoice line item and details report to be generated with:
    • Selected columns: The ones you selected when configuring your view.
    • All columns: Include all the columns available on the table.
  3. Once you select the data you want to download, generate the file by filling out the following:
    • Kind
      : Insights by default.
    • File Name Prefix:
      Enter the name that you want to give to the file.
    • UTC Time
      : By default, the time and date that you generate the report is added.
    • Sequence Number/Suffix
      : By default, it is 40 but you can enter your own digits.
    • Format
      : Select between XLSX, CSV, or JSON.
    • Your File Name
      : This reflects the complete file name based on the criteria previously selected.
  4. Once all the options have been selected, click
    Generating the file can take a few minutes, once the file is generated you receive a notification on your notification center.
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