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Assets details
Published On May 23, 2024 - 11:29 AM

Assets details

Use the Asset Line Item table to view the most costly assets.
Use the Asset Line Items table to view detailed information about an asset. By default, the top fifty most costly assets of the qualified data set, based on any filters that are set, are displayed.
In the Asset Line Items table, click anywhere in a row to select an asset line item. You can also sort by clicking the column headings or search for an asset by using the search text box. If your search criteria contain many characters or character segments, many partial matches are returned. If you surround your search criteria with double quotation marks (""), your search might be slow, but it is also more exact.

Generate asset data file report

You can download the data available in your asset dashboard in a CSV, XLSX, or JSON format. This report is based on the configuration and filters used on the dashboard.
Follow the steps to create your data report:
  1. At the beginning of the page, click the
    option available.
  2. A new window displays to generate the file report. You can select between downloading:
    • Download only selected segment charts, this is available on XLSX.
    • Download selected or all invoice items and details.
  3. Once you select the data you want to download, generate the file by filling out the following:
    • Kind
      : Costs by default.
    • File Name Prefix:
      Enter the name that you want to give to the file.
    • UTC Time
      : By default, the time and date that you generate the report is added.
    • Sequence Number/Suffix
      : By default, it is 36 but you can enter your own digits.
    • Format
      : Select between XLSX, CSV, or JSON. Note: Segment carts are only available in XLSX format, other format options will not be available.
    • Your File Name
      : This reflects the complete file name based on the criteria previously selected.
  4. Once all the options have been selected, click
    Generating the file can take a few minutes. Once the file is generated, you will receive a notification in your notification center.

Selecting your view

You can select the view of the Invoice Line Items and of the detail pages of the line items according to your needs by clicking the
button, on the right side of the table.
The application responds by displaying a list of criteria to view. You can click
Select all
for the application to display all the data available, or click on the check box to select the specific details you wish to view.
On the Asset dashboard, you can select between:
  • Asset ID
  • providers
  • Billing account name
  • Asset account name
  • Invoice end data
  • Asset type
  • Asset name
  • Description
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Customer total cost
You can also rearrange the order of the data displayed, by dragging up or down the name of the category from the list. To save the view, click
. Click
to reset the view of the data.

Viewing Asset Line Item details

To view detailed information about an asset, click anywhere in a row in the Assets table to select it. The Asset Details screen will then display.
The Asset Details screen has two main sections:
  • Graphs.
  • Tabs.
The upper portion of the screen contains the Cost Over Time graph by default.
To select a different graph, click the down arrow to display the graphs list. The three trend graphs display the following information:
  • Cost over time
    : Cost for an asset from the previous 12 months of data plus a forecast month.
  • Issues over time
    : Issues for an asset from the previous 12 months.
  • Utilization over time
    : Utilization for an asset from the previous 12 months.
To view the cost for a given month, hover over the column for the month to select it. The month selected is highlighted with a purple border, and the cost for the period selected is displayed.
To access cluster information from the Asset details page in CAM, ensure the asset name in CAM corresponds with the cluster name in Container Cluster Management (CCM) and select the asset.
The Asset Line Item Detail screen has the following tabs:
  • Properties
    : Displays detailed information about an individual asset for the current month. The asset cost used for recommendation is last month's finalized cost, which is updated as the month progresses.
  • Tags
    : Displays all of the tags associated with an asset. For other Tag functionality, see Providers tags.
  • Issues
    : Displays policy violations associated with the asset.
  • Associated Costs
    : Displays the table of all child cost line items pertaining to this parent line item. This tab is only available for Reserved Instances.
  • Associated Assets
    : Displays the assets associated with this item.
    You can also select a desired view, by clicking the
    icon and check the box on the desired criteria you would like to view. Click
    to save the view or
    to view the previous visualization.
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