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Cost by segment chart
Published On May 23, 2024 - 11:26 AM

Cost by segment chart

Compare costs based on specific criteria selected.
Use the Cost Lists, Cost/Billing Account, Cost/Service Provider, and Cost/Category, to
compare costs
by the option you select. This filtering option provides the exact cost you selected individually, which are called mini-charts.
The default options for each list are Billing Account, Service Provider, and Category. You can select other options from each of the drop-down lists. The color-coded list displays the highest-cost items in descending order.
Custom labels are also available for filtering. Search for your custom label using the
Dynamic Tag Key Value
search bar.

Configuring on the Cost by Segment Chart

You can configure the tags and labels in the segment charts to show
costs desegregated by provider
using Provider and Dynamic Tags.
To use this feature, go to the
Asset Dashboard
, click the
Configuration wheel
. Then, add the Provider tag and labels needed on the chart and click
The name of the tags and labels can be edited during the configuration of the columns. To edit the tag, click the check box next to one or more of the label or Provider Tag. The application responds by displaying two items:
  • The original column name (current).
  • The renamed column name (the name of the column after editing). Click the pencil next to the green label to
    the name. Click on the trash bin next to the pencil icon to
    the tags or labels.
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