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Ingest provider data
Published On May 23, 2024 - 11:14 AM

Ingest provider data

Use the Manual Ingestion screen to ingest and enrich data from a public or a custom provider.
Ingesting data is how the dashboards are populated, which can help see asset costs, track spending, and identify underused resources.
On the ingestion page, you view the last ingested data; however, if any other ingestion is running and is in post-processing date. The last ingestion time will not show on the manual Ingestion page during this duration.
To successfully ingest data from a provider in CAM, follow these steps:
  1. Accessing Settings
    : Go to
    and then select the
  2. Initiating Manual Ingestion
    : Within
    , find and choose
    Manual Ingestion
  3. Choosing Provider Type
    : Select the type of provider: opt for either
    Public Provider
    Custom Provider
  4. Understanding the Provider Table
    : Both tabs display a table with the following columns:
    Active Since
    Last Ingested
    Last Ingested Status
    , and
  5. Selecting the Provider
    : Identify and select the desired provider listed under the
    column for the data you wish to ingest.
  6. Starting the Ingestion Process
    : Click on
    Start Ingestion
    to initiate the data ingestion.
Post-Ingestion Actions
After starting the ingestion, additional actions are available. Access these by clicking the dotted menu under the
column. Here, you have options such as
Upload GPD files
View files
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