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My dashboard
Published On May 16, 2024 - 10:25 AM

My dashboard

Customize your own dashboard to reflect the data you are required to view the most.
My Dashboard
feature enables the configuration of a dashboard to quickly summarize the data that fulfills your unique needs from costs, assets, policies, insights or discount plans dashboards into a page where you can find relevant information at a glance.
To learn more about navigating to the different services from each tenant, refer to Landing page navigation or Kyndryl Bridge Landing page navigation. Click the
My dashboard
tab to display a list of your dashboard page.
You can also access the dashboard by going to the
Get Started
link under the
Cost & Asset Management
dropdown menu and then, select
My Dashboard
on the screen.

Creating your dashboard

'My dashboard' allows you to create a dashboard with the widgets of your choice or select one from the predefined templates available.
  1. To create your own dashboard go to your
    and then, click the
    Main Menu
  2. Go to
    Cost & Asset Management
    drop down menu and select
    My Dashboard
  3. A new window displays with your Dashboard view.
    • To change the name of the dashboard, click the
      icon next to the name of the dashboard and add the name you desire.
  4. After editing the name, two buttons will appear on the screen, one for
    and one to
    Add widgets
  5. Use the
    Blank Dashboard
    template to create your own and use the
    Add widgets
    button to configure what you want to display on your dashboard.
    • To add widgets to your dashboard, click the
      Add widgets
      button and select the Dashboard Components of your choice by dragging them from the side bar to the place where you want them to be located on the dashboard. The components are ordered by the dashboards they belong to on the
      Cost & Asset Management Platform

Using dashboard templates

Cost Management User Defined Dashboard
templates are an easy way to set up a dashboard to show your desired data.
The dashboard include the following templates that include all the costs, assets, savings and analysis graphs and charts predefined in a template.
The templates include:
  • Blank dashboard.
  • Cost Details template.
  • Asset details template.
  • Savings insights template.
  • AWS Reserved Instances template.
  • Savings plan template.
  • IBM Reserved Capacities template.
  • If it's the first time using the dashboard, a
    Quick start
    menu will display once the dashboard is opened with the templates option. You can also view the templates available by clicking the
    button, located on the right side of the dashboard.
  • After selecting the desired template, click
    and the data will be displayed on the dashboard. Each template has also the option to add dashboard components or widgets by clicking the
    Add Widgets button
  • After selecting the widget and add it to your dashboard, you can view the full information of the widget by clicking the
    view details
    button, on the right side of the component. This option will take you to the original dashboard where the data is presented.
The widget can be also closed or minimized by clicking the
icons on the right side of each components window.
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