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Topology: Empty states
Published On Jun 14, 2024 - 10:57 AM

Topology: Empty states

An empty message can be displayed for the different scenarios described here.
The Topology feature of Kyndryl Bridge presents various empty state messages that you can encounter. If you get any of the following empty state messages, you must follow the instructions provided on this page to resolve them:
  • Empty state for user with no permissions assigned: It means you do not have permissions to access Topology (Access Policy missing).
  • Empty state for connections configuration needed: It means that connections need to be configured to display data (Add a Connection in IAM).
  • Error fetching data: It means there was a network error fetching data (Refresh data). 
  • Empty state for zero data to show: It means you have permissions, connections are configured, but there is no data to show (Zero state).
The steps to get around each of the empty states, and their meaning, are explained as follows.
  1. Empty state for user with no permissions assigned. When you get the message “You need access in order to display the content in this widget. Please contact your account Administrator.”, you need to request access from the account Admin to access Topology.
  2. Empty state for connections configuration needed. When you get the message “To enable this widget, it requires configuration first. We’ll walk you through that.”, it means that configuration is needed before the widget can display full Topology data. You must click the Configure button to launch Connection Manager > Add Connection page within Console IAM. To perform configuration, complete the following steps:
    1. Be sure to be in the
      My Console
      home page.
    2. Click the secondary menu, to the left of the screen.
    3. Make the following menu selections:
      App Manager
      and then
    4. In the IAM page, click
      Add New
      and select
      Add Connections
      . For more information on connections, see Connections.
      Only Administrators or users with the appropriate role permissions can add connections.
  3. Error fetching data. When you get the message “Oops something must’ve gone wrong.”, it means that there was an error fetching data, and you need to refresh to see data. In this case, you must click the
  4. Empty state for zero data to show. When you get the message “0 Affinities”, it means that even though you have all the required permissions, and configuration was successful, there simply isn't any data to show. With this empty state, there is really no action for you to take.
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