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Common Action History
Published On Jun 14, 2024 - 10:57 AM

Common Action History

The action history at a resource level tracks and shows important attributes related to a resource action. It also provides the ability to retry a failed action.
The action history dashboard displays all actions by default. Click the filter icon to select the specific action you need. You can select the view the data based on time ranges (1, 7, 14, 30 days or 3, 6 months). Click the calendar icon to filter as needed. Based on your permissions, you can edit, delete, and clear your view when needed. The dashboard displays 3 different widgets: actions executed, status action executed, and the executed action trend.
  1. Find the resource needed in the
    Resource tab
    and slide to the right.
  2. Click the
  3. Select
    View Details
    from the available options.
  4. Click the
    Actions History
There you will find actions history by

Actions attributes

Attribute Name
Action name
Name of the action
Action ID
Display the ID generated for each action
Action Type (Definition mentioned below)
Action Types available OOB are 'Provision New', 'State Change', 'Configuration Change', 'De-Provision', 'Managed Service Request' or any other custom types that you create
Submitted date
In local browser time. Ex: May 1, 2022 11:11 PM CST
This will show the latest status of an action. This includes both In-Progress and completed Actions
Relates to
Display the ID of the action, which was retried. If an action was not retried then show 'Not Applicable'
Reason for failure
Ensure a reason is displayed for failed actions, reason received from provider or error codes etc.
Assigned Ticket
If the action was taken because of an incident ticket, then the ticket ID would be displayed here. If no ticket ID, then show 'Not Applicable'
Total Estimated Cost
This field is only applicable for enterprise marketplace
Submitted by
Currently an action can only be submitted manually, Show 'First & Last Name' (from core user management) of the person who initiated the action as well as the email id
From where the action was triggered: • Operations Console • Enterprise Marketplace
Total time taken for the action to complete, i.e. time taken from 'In Progress' to successful/failed/Not Approved
New Parameter Values
Display parameter values that were modified

Action type definition

  • Provision New:
    Any action which results in procuring a new resource.
  • State Change:
    Any action which changes the status (Active/Inactive) of a resource.
  • Configuration Change:
    Any action which changes the configuration of a resource.
  • De-provision:
    Any action which deletes/terminates/decommissions a resource.
  • Managed Service Request:
    Actions for which tickets would be created in ITSM. The approval and fulfilment of actions are all managed in ITSM.

Actions timeline view

Displays all the various statuses that an action went through along with the timestamp (Date & Time) of the action taken.
Example of an action status timeline view:
Status progression
Data to be displayed along with status
In Progress
Submitted By TJ. Watson 19:14:15
Retrying (1)
Retrying (2)
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