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Published On Jun 13, 2024 - 3:51 PM


Topology can significantly improve support, visualization, and navigation for your services.
Topology in Kyndryl Bridge is a logical depiction of the configuration of all the enterprise’s IT infrastructure elements, including physical and virtual devices, applications, nodes, and more. A secure and reliable IT infrastructure is the backbone of any integrated operation within an enterprise. Understanding the dependencies between applications and infrastructures is the key to infra efficiency, as it opens the possibility to create different topology models that are used to improve critical operational processes that manage applications, changes, risks, IT architectures, and IT services. The successful implementation of a topology-related concept can help achieve:
  • Deeper insights on dependency analysis, impact, and blast radius.
  • Enhanced analytics with affinity data such as alert correlation.
  • Capacity planning, resource leveling, and optimization.
  • Cloud migration and target optimization assistance with adjacency, co-location, and node distance.
  • Cognitive RCA (root cause analysis) strengthening and remediation actions.
  • Maintenance and potential improvement of device visibility.
  • Improved troubleshooting activities.
  • Improved understanding of the network and useful visual reference points.
  • Live performance insights with increased network control and security.
Some of the challenges that users usually face in the absence of a topology concept, include:
  • Organizations tend to over-provision underlying IT infrastructure if they do not have clear visibility about the deployed resources and dependencies. This also leads to underutilization of allocated infrastructure in those cases, where system requirement is less than the allocated infrastructure.
  • Escalating costs of infrastructure utilization and management portray inadequate measures of resource planning.
  • Absence of real-time overview of underlying infrastructure leads to limited flexibility with the deployed resources.
  • Decreased efficiency during infrastructure usage hampers the cost reduction initiatives from a management standpoint.
  • Lack of support during troubleshooting activities carries long-lasting impact on critical areas from an IT standpoint such as service management, application management, IT operations, and more.
  • Challenges in visualizing the data center resources, dependencies, and affinity relationship.
Kyndryl Bridge Topology service covers the following scope:
  • Topology and affinity for AWS and IBM.
  • Support to limited categories such as compute, network, and disk.
  • Topology visualization of applications, services, and underlying infrastructure. This helps users to get a complete view of applications and their associated components and take further decisions using this visualization.
  • Hassle-free navigation across applications and relevant supporting components such as services and infrastructure.
  • Topology filtered by provider, account, region, cluster, network/VPC, namespace, and tags.
  • Topology for a given context, such as a Core Service for all Kyndryl Bridge Core applications or other solutions that wish to enable this service.
Interactive UI that comes to user’s rescue:
  • View Topology with affinity for a given context. Launch from Bridge Services Switcher menu, or My Console widgets.
  • View Topology for different filters such as Providers, Account, Region, Network/VPC, Cluster, Namespaces, or Tags.
To learn more about how to start using Topology, see Topology: Set up. To understand which roles and permissions are required for this service, see roles and permissions.
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