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Published On Jun 12, 2024 - 2:45 PM


This overview explains the support framework for Bridge which includes the contact mechanisms, response times, security levels, and documentation. 
The Kyndryl Bridge technical support team aims at prioritizing users' satisfaction when facing problems with your services. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced support engineers working around the clock to provide users with 24x7 support for resolving any critical issues.

Support Framework

Submit a support ticket
Kyndryl Bridge provides a support ticket customer experience, allowing users to report issues within the Kyndryl Platform. This approach ensures a structured and organized handling of customer needs, resulting in efficient problem resolution. By using the intake form to create a support ticket, the Bridge Support team optimizes operations, enhances efficiency, and upholds a high standard of customer service. This service offers the following benefits:
  • Effective organization and management of customer issues.
  • Centralized communication platform between customers and support agents.
  • Efficient issue prioritization.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by addressing customer concerns promptly and effectively.
For a comprehensive step-by-step guideline on how to complete the support request form, see Support tickets.
Creating a support ticket is restricted only to users with an Enterprise account or a Personal account. By limiting access, we maintain the integrity of the system and ensure that we provide the level of support needed for customers and users. If you do not have a Kyndryl Bridge account, visit the portal page and sign up for an account.
Contact us
Kyndryl Bridge technical support team can be contacted by any users that have already registered with a Bridge account. From the Kyndryl Bridge Home page, you can fill out a contact support form to reach out the support team and they can better manage your issue. This allows non-logged users or users who can’t have access to their account contact the Support team to receive help. When requesting support, make sure to have your Kyndryl email handy. For security reasons, a verification code is sent to validate the authenticity of your request. The verification code has a 5-minute expiration validity. However, the user has the capability to send a new code after the expiration.
  1. From the Kyndryl Bridge Home page, go to the global navigation bar and select the
  2. Select the
    Contact Support
    option from the menu.
  3. A new window opens. Add your Kyndryl Bridge email and click
    . A message validating the email is displayed.
    A Kyndryl Bridge account is required before contacting the support team. If you receive the following message: "We're sorry, but we couldn't locate your email address" while entering you email address, confirm that the email is correct (for existing users) or click the 
    Create one for free!
    link to register with Kyndryl Bridge (in case you do not have an account yet).
  4. A verification code has been sent to the email account you added previously. Go to your Kyndryl Bridge inbox and look for the unique one-time code that is only valid for 5 minutes.
  5. Add the 8-digit code and click
    . A message validating the code is displayed.
  6. The email is automatically displayed in the support request form. Add your
    full name
    and a
    of your issue (100 characters maximum).
  7. Click
    Send request
    . A message validating the request is displayed. Once the request is submitted, a message is displayed in the form, and you can now close this window. Additionally, an email will be sent confirming the request has been received.
The submitted information is used to track the form's details and is assigned to the dedicated Bridge Support team. This ticket will be designated a medium impact and moderate urgency by default.
From this point on, all communication between you and the Support team will be via email. The Kyndryl Bridge team will contact you with more details about how to resolve your issue.
After you have been granted access, start using the Create Support Request option. This support mechanism allows the Bridge team to better assess and respond to your issues. Additionally, you can manage your support tickets and communicate with the Bridge Support team directly and expeditiously via My Console.
Support email
Users who cannot contact Bridge support via the previously described mechanisms, can reach the support team by directing their queries to the dedicated mailbox. Kyndryl Bridge Support team will diligently monitor, triage, and promptly evaluate users’ queries.
Status of request
Kyndryl Bridge technical support team will update users on the status of their request. However, users can always provide additional information or request updates by replying to the email received from support, or accessing Kyndryl Bridge
My Console
(exclusively available for users with a Kyndryl Bridge Enterprise account or Personal account).
Severity levels
To ensure effective prioritization of the request, Kyndryl Bridge has implemented a system of service request severity levels along with clear definitions for each level. When submitting a support request, indicate the impact and urgency. This information will enable us to assess the severity of the request accurately, using the following severity levels as guidelines:
Severity 1
  • The Kyndryl Bridge application is not accessible and has no access to service providers.
  • All service providers are facing a global outage along with the Kyndryl Bridge application.
  • None of the service providers' direct URLs along with the Kyndryl Bridge Platform services are accessible.
Severity 2
A major component in Kyndryl Bridge is affected. Some aspects of your operations run without problems but the issue significantly affects your business.
Severity 3
Core operations are functional, but some components in Kyndryl Bridge are affecting the efficient operation of one or more users.
Severity 4
There is a small issue or inconvenience in your normal operations, but these have clear workarounds or alternatives.
Response times
For support tickets submitted within the Bridge Platform, outlined below are the expected response times or Service Level Agreement (SLAs) corresponding to different severity levels:
The following response times is a target for initial response. This does not account for any additional time required by the service providers to meet their individual SLAs.
Severity Levels
Response Time
Severity 1: Severe
30 minutes
Severity 2: Major
1 hour
Severity 3: Minor
1 business day
Severity 4: Minimal
3 business days
Support email queries will come into the support team with a severity 3 response time. They will be appropriately triaged and new severity will be assigned, if necessary.
Support window
The Kyndryl Bridge Support team, consisting of technical resources located worldwide, operates around the clock, 24x7, to assist with critical issues and requests. Regardless of the users’ time zone or location, the Bridge Support team is available and ready to help whenever needed.

Creating support tickets

To learn how to create a support ticket, see Support tickets.

Managing support tickets

To learn how to manage support tickets, see managing support tickets in My Console page.


  • Kyndryl Bridge product documentation with details of all its capabilities is available at Kyndryl docs.
  • To review the frequently asked inquiries regarding Bridge and their services, see FAQs
  • To learn more about Marketplace, see Marketplace catalog.
  • To learn more about My Console, see My Console.
  • If you are a partner and want to become one of Kyndryl Bridge service providers, see Introduction to service provider.
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