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Notifications management
Published On Jun 14, 2024 - 10:58 AM

Notifications management

Notifications allows to view all the requests in one single place.
All customer requests and status updates made in Kyndryl Bridge Service Provider Dashboard are displayed on the
page. In this page, the requests cannot be modified but you can view them and follow the link to see more details. The
table list displays the following information:
  • Type: Type of the notification (consultation, quotation, or subscription).
  • Initiated by: Email address and customer name of the person who made the request.
  • Service Offerings: Name of the service offering and package that has been requested.
  • Description: Description of the notification including the latest update.
  • Date: Date when the notification was triggered.
  • Actions: Hyperlink to direct you to the respective section in the Service Provider Dashboard (Quotations, Consultations, or Subscriptions).
The unread notifications are marked with a teal color circle next to the type of notification. After you have read your notification, this mark disappears, marking it is a read notification.
Click the chevron down arrow to see more details about the notification.
Use the pagination actions at the bottom of the page to navigate through all your notifications, as well as the filter capabilities to find the notification of your interest.
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