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Common Actions: Importing from an external source
Published On Jun 14, 2024 - 10:57 AM

Common Actions: Importing from an external source

This section allows you to onboard actions using GitHub
Users can onboard customized or out-of-the-box (OOTB) actions using import option from an external source. All actions contents are applicable to all the Public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) and private cloud like VRA. Select this option to import action definitions from your own GitHub or Kyndryl GitHub account.

Importing customized actions from an external source using your local GitHub

This option allows you to import your own actions. Before importing customized actions, make sure to create a GitHub connection and maintain the same structure as the OOTB content.
Action template structure
: The folder structure must contain the path where actions are stored. Each action must include three Json files:
, and
  1. action-configuration.json: This file is required if the action type is configuration change.
  2. action-definition.json: Set the
    to true if the action type is configuration change
  3. action-template.json: This file must have an encoded template and must include the playbook repository path.
To import from an external source
To access the import option, click the
Common Services
  1. Click the
    Main Menu
  2. Select
  3. Click
    Actions Onboarding
  4. From the
    Actions Admin
    page, click the
    onboard action +
  5. Select the following import option:
    Import from external source
  6. Click
  7. In the
    Select a Content Source to Import Action
    page, click the GitHub. To import Ansible Action metadata, select the GitHub repository.
    Make sure to add the actual playbook path.
  8. The
    Multiple accounts detected
    window pop-up. Select the correspondent
    Account name
    and click
  9. An
    Import Started
    message confirms the import is underway. Click
    to acknowledge the message. When the import is complete, a confirmation email is sent, and the action is added in the
    tab of the
    Actions Admin

Importing OOTB content from GitHub

Follow the steps described in to import from an external source. When selecting the content source (step 7), make sure to add the playbookRefID (DB reference).
Once the action is onboarded, the action is displayed under the draft tab. It is required to publish the onboarded action.
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