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Common Actions: Translation bundle import
Published On Jun 14, 2024 - 10:57 AM

Common Actions: Translation bundle import

This section allows you to import the language bundle to enable the language support option in the user interface.
Action content does not have language support set by default. The import option has been enabled to onboard the language support for all the actions contents applicable to all the Public Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba) and private cloud like VRA. This will help the Common Actions Contents to be shown in their respective language by providing an import option as resource level to onboard the language pack.

To import the translation bundle

  1. From the
    Actions Admin
    page, click the
    onboard action +
  2. Select the import action:
    import language bundle
  3. Click
  4. Upload the file. You can drag and drop or browse the file.
  5. Click
Once the translation has been imported, you can select the language from the drop down in the edit details page and manage configuration page.

To export the translation bundle

  1. Select the action in draft status and click the overflow menu
  2. Select the export option
  3. Export the language bundle. Make sure to convert the bundle is in .zip format
  4. Click export
A message will be displayed whether the language has been exported or the operation has failed.

To delete the translation bundle

  1. Select the action and click the
  2. Select the language bundle and select the filter
  3. Click delete
A message will be displayed confirming the bundle has been deleted.
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