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Introduction to service provider
Published On Jun 14, 2024 - 10:58 AM

Introduction to service provider

This is an introduction to the service provider landing page.
Kyndryl Bridge Service Provider allows users to publish services on Kyndryl Bridge. There, service providers can offer a place for their customers to explore and learn more about their services (potential customers service packages, or individual service elements). To enrich how information is displayed for the services in a web form format and published in the catalog, you can add your details in rich text format on Bridge service details page.
Kyndryl Bridge enables a Service Provider account with access to a dashboard to manage the lifecycle of the customer engagement. This helps service providers to implement their solutions faster by accessing a consistent framework of tools to administer, deliver, manage, and orchestrate a wide array of services across practices and partners, and environments to reduce manual tasks.
To have access to my Dashboard and all the capabilities described here, make sure you are logged in a Service Provider account, and not an Enterprise account.
The allows service providers to quickly access and manage customer requests (consultations, quotations, and subscriptions). Users can also view notifications, communicate with their customers, and perform different actions to manage the workflow of such requests. 
The page allows you, as a Service Provider Account Administrator, to invite new users to the Bridge account and manage their permissions quickly and efficiently. Inviting users allows service provider users to collaborate with the different aspects of the customer and service onboarding and management. 
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