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Secure module
Published On Jun 13, 2024 - 11:04 AM

Secure module

The dashboard displays vulnerability details for Static Scan, Dependency Check, Container Vulnerability Scan, and Secure alerts.
The Secure functionality is applicable only for
DevOps Intelligence Premium Plan
In the Secure dashboard, data can be filtered by two criteria:
  • Dashboards:
    Select a dashboard to view development data specific to that dashboard.
  • Applications:
    Comprehend the issues and health of cloud services such as CAM and Enterprise Marketplace.
    Depending on your selections from these filters, the data displayed in the widgets varies, and some widgets may show the message
    “No Data Available”
    , which means there is no recent data available for your selection.


The Secure dashboard displays data in the form of five widgets presented as follows:
  • Secure alerts
  • Application summary
  • License by severity
  • Static scan
  • Dependency check
  • Container vulnerability
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