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Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 11:21 AM


Kyndryl DevOps Intelligence supports your use of Google Cloud. This page describes the configuration requirements for this tool.
Google Cloud Platform is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. The platform includes various hosted services for computing, storage, and application development that run on Google hardware. Software developers, administrators, and other enterprise IT professionals can access Google Cloud Platform services over the public internet or through a dedicated network connection.
We must configure a Google Cloud account or project for DevOps Intelligence to pull data from Google Cloud.
DevOps Intelligence Google Cloud Platform:
The Application requires the following steps to configure Google Cloud Platform project to pull data from the respective project:
  • Name:
    Local account name. It could be any string and is used only for reference.
  • Choose and Upload:
    The JSON file was downloaded from Google Cloud Platform.
The following example image shows where in the Application you must click to accomplish the previous task:
Using the given credential, Kyndryl Discovery pulls (Sync)
Deployments and Virtual Machines
on behalf of DevOps Intelligence.
The Sync Feature scans current data for visibility after configuring credentials periodically. The intervals are set as follows:
  • The account Sync Interval is set to 5 mins: Refresh current data.
  • The account Delete Interval is set to 7 mins: All deleted accounts are updated.
  • The history pulled Interval is set to 180 days: Data history.
For more details, see your Delivery representative.
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