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Supported tools
Published On Jun 20, 2024 - 10:21 AM

Supported tools

This page provides a comprehensive list of supported tools within DevOps Intelligence.
Before you begin configuring your tools in the DevOps Intelligence platform, there are some essential prerequisites to ensure a smooth setup:
  1. Roles & Permissions:
    Ensure you have the necessary roles and permissions within DevOps Intelligence to add tools, specifically the Platform admin role. To check your roles and permissions, refer to the Permissions section.
  2. Invalid Credentials:
    An "Invalid Credentials" error may be due to incorrect or outdated login credentials or an incorrect host configuration. To rectify this issue, follow these steps:
    • Select
    • Navigate to
      (Identity and Access Management).
    • Under
      , select the connection for which the credentials are incorrect.
    • View the connection details.
    • Edit the connection and provide the correct credentials.
  3. Configuration Pending:
    If you see a "Configuration Pending" status for a connection, the configuration has not been completed for that specific connection. To learn more about configuring tools, refer to the configuration section of the tools documentation below.
  4. Internal Server Error:
    If you encounter an "Internal Server Error," it may indicate that the service is temporarily unavailable or that the pod is restarting. Please wait for some time and check again later.
  5. Non-default DI Tool:
    If you add a connection or service configuration for a non-default DevOps Intelligence tool, ensure its respective service is toggled to "ON" in the tenant manager. Refer to the image below for guidance on this step.
DevOps Intelligence supports the following tools:
  • Dependency track:
    Default Version. DevOps Intelligence pulls data from Dependency track.
  • SonarQube:
    Default Version.
  • Qualys Container security tool
  • CodeQL
  • Atlassian Bitbucket:
    Cloud - API Version 2.0 / Server - API Version 1.0.
  • Atlassian JIRA:
    API Version V2.
  • AWS CodeCommit:
    Default Version.
  • AWS CodePipeline:
    Default Version.
  • AWS DevOps
    : Default Version.
  • Azure Boards and Azure Repo
    : API Version:7.0. Support for Azure DevOps Cloud and Azure DevOps Server.
  • GitLab (Public and Enterprise):
    API Version V4.
  • GitHub (Public and Enterprise):
    Default Version (V3).
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • Azure Pipelines Build
  • Jenkins
  • JFrog Artifactory
  • Azure DevOps - Test Plans Support
    : Default Version.
  • Jenkins
  • SonarQube
    Default Version.
  • ArgoCD
  • AWS CloudFormation
    SDK Version - 1.35.9.
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • Azure Pipeline Deploy
  • Azure Pipelines release
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • Google Deployment Templates:
    SDK Version - 0.69.1/API Version - V2.
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