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Mapping technical services
Published On Jun 20, 2024 - 10:21 AM

Mapping technical services

You can map your technical services together to a single service as a pipeline.
Technical services are auto-discovered for a few endpoints but mapping your technical services is always a good idea, for example, if you see multiple entries for a single service for the different endpoints in the configure technical services table, you can map them together to a single service as your pipeline.
As an example, keep in mind that if a repo in git is named demo121 and in Travis (build) it is demo121, but in SonarQube (test) the name of the project linked to the build tool is releasedemo, the releasedemo of SonarQube (test) can be mapped/ linked to the above technical service (demo121) resulting in creating a single service for your pipeline.
Notes: This stage is important as it has a direct impact on metering.
The following is an example list of the different technical services identified by DevOps Intelligence after configuring tools & credentials. Also, this table shows all the technical services identified by DevOps intelligence by default. And in this example, the
tools were configured earlier so respective technical services are mentioned later.

Technical services

  • TestProject (Test)
  • backend (Test)
  • MCMP-Java-Pipeline (Test)
  • demo_for_aparna (Test)
  • MCMP-Java-Pipeline (Team MCMP-Java), (Develop-Git)
  • MCMP-DevOps Project (Build)
  • MCMP-TestGoProject (Build)
  • MCMP-Task-Gophercise (Develop-Git), (Build), (Test), (application-Project!)
  • recover (Team-mgmtuser), (Develop-Git), (Build), (Test)
  • MCMP-SimpleMavenProject (Build)
  • MCMP-TestMavenProject (Build)
In order to link technical services, you must complete the following steps:
  1. Go to
    Settings & Utilities
    and then click on
    Configure Technical services
  2. In the
    Associate technical service
    tab, click on the Overflow menu, and choose
    Link Technical services
    tile in the technical services table.
  3. Select any service that has to be mapped across the pipeline.
  4. MCMP-Java-Pipeline
    is a service identified by
    we can map them together and make it a single service as our pipeline.
  5. Then, click on the Git
    as we want to link our test service to our git service.
  6. Select the test service and click
    Update Technical service
  7. Now, if we search for MCMP-Java-Pipeline we see that both test and git service have been linked together as per the pipeline requirements.
Important: Linking technical services of the same type is not possible, for example, a service registered by Sonargube and BYOT is not possible as both have the same service type. If a service is registered by Jira and Git are linked, two separate rows will be shown in the Develop dashboard Technical services view, with the same name but will show individual tools data.
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