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Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 11:21 AM


DevOps Intelligence supports your use of ArgoCD. This topic describes the configuration requirements for this tool.
ArgoCD enables you to use GitOps repositories to develop and deploy cloud-native applications and processes on Kubernetes declaratively. ArgoCD can instantly extract updated code from Git repositories and publish it to Kubernetes services. It allows developers to handle infrastructure settings and application upgrades in a given system. You must configure an Argo account for DevOps Intelligence to sync data from ArgoCD.
Access rights:
The account should have at least read rights on the pipelines you intend to sync.
  • DevOps Intelligence Application requires the following information:
  • Connection Name - Local connection name. It could be any string and is used only for reference.
  • Host - ArgoCD Host URL. e.g.,
  • User/Passcode - User name and ArgoCD passcode.
Configuration steps
For adding connections:
  1. Select Admin from the menu, then choose IAM, and then Connections.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Choose the Add Connection option.
You must select the Connection, Cloud provider, Release format (e.g., release-YYYY.MM.DD), Environment, Project, isProd for production or non-production environments, and Application you need to track through the DevOps Intelligence Application. Here Application is optional; it will track all the applications in the project if not provided.
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