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Metering technical services
Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 11:21 AM

Metering technical services

Metering technical services display all the services the customer charges for. It offers monthly data for approximately six months.
Metering technical services is a tool that displays a comprehensive list of services for which a customer is charged. The information provided is updated on a monthly basis and covers a period of approximately six months. The display includes details such as the name of the technical service, the tool utilized, the type of service, and the date of discovery. A customer's charge for a particular service will be reflected in the metering table.
The data is displayed by default in a table containing six tabs for the last six months. The table has a
Date Range
: filter feature that allows the timeframe selection for six months from today's date. Next to the filter icon, you will find a search box that allows searching for technical services by name and a
icon that allows changing the table settings to show or hide pre-selected columns.
To download a report on metering services, select the month for the report you would like to receive, then select the
button next to the filter. A .csv file will be downloaded automatically. 
The metering service table displays data in a tabular form and provides information on each technical service charged. Each row in the table displays information for a specific technical service, separated by columns of information type:
  • Technical Service:
    the name of the micro technical service within the larger application; this column can be sorted
  • Tool:
    the name of the tool where the technical service is linked
  • Type:
    the type of the technical service
  • Discovered at:
    the time when the technical service was discovered at; this column can be sorted
When the desired custom date range and organization(s) are selected, the information will be displayed in the form of a new tab, which will have the name of the custom date range you have selected.
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