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DevOps Intelligence release notes
Published On Jul 10, 2024 - 10:35 AM

DevOps Intelligence release notes

DevOps Intelligence provides the following support
May 5th
  • Streamlined application onboarding workflow: Onboarding technical services into DevOps intelligence is significantly easier with a new application onboarding mechanism. Users can now create applications and provide associated metadata in a single pane and then onboard relevant technical services as part of a new, seamless workflow.
  • Environment filter now available for Deploy: Users can now filter deploy data by environment, enabling a more focused data set.
May 1st
  • Release Management Dashboard parameter drill-down: The Release Management feature now supports a drill-down capability to expose details of all release parameters for each release, enabling a more thorough analysis.
  • UI for Tool Mapper creation: DevOps Intelligence now supports creating tool mappers in the UI, providing a more efficient method of pushing data to DevOps Intelligence and leveraging the bring your own tools mechanism.
April 3rd
DevOps Editions to be consolidated: DevOps has withdrawn support of multiple price list editions and now supports only one edition, Single Edition. Tenant owners have been notified separately through email regarding this migration.
March 27th
Release comparison available in Release Management: The release manager can now make decisions based on improvements from the previous release. Characteristics of the current release such as code coverage, unclassified bugs and skipped tests etc. are measured and compared to those in the previous release. An improved or degraded rating is accordingly assigned, for example, 30% improvement in code coverage.
February 21st
  • Release parameters can now be configured by users in Release Management: DevOps Intelligence Release Management now supports the configuring of application release parameter values such as maximum number of critical bugs, Code Coverage, and Failed Functional Tests, etc. This new capability provides customized insight for release managers making go/no-go decisions for each application at each release, maximizing production quality. This extended support is possible because of the introduction of a new role, Release Manager, which enables release management for individual applications. Users assigned the Admin role can configure release parameters at the tenant level.
  • Elite category now supported for DORA Benchmarking: DORA has introduced a new benchmarking category, Elite, which is supported by DevOps Intelligence. This new category provides enhanced insight into your organization’s comparative performance.
January 24th
Reports can now be downloaded for Develop pages: DevOps Intelligence now enables users to download data on the Develop dashboard. The user can download data in Excel format and send reports to those who do not have access to DevOps Intelligence or want to perform additional analysis on the consolidated Develop dataset.
January 17th
DevOps Intelligence is extending its enhancements on Secure in SDLC: New out of the box support of Qualys for Container Security and CodeQL for open-source license compliance provides broader and deeper Secure support.
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