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Bring your own tools
Published On Jun 21, 2024 - 10:18 AM

Bring your own tools

DevOps Intelligence supports tailoring your private tools to your processes and environment.
DevOps Intelligence allows you to use your private tools and customize your processes and environment to meet your needs. This means you can take advantage of the tools you are already familiar with, specific to your workflows, and avoid the costs of training and onboarding new tools.
With this support for private tools, you can easily integrate your existing tools into your cloud environment using APIs and plug-ins. This integration ensures that your tools are seamlessly connected to your cloud environment, giving you the visibility and control you need to manage your software development and deployment processes effectively.
DevOps Intelligence also supports tool mappers, enabling your private tools to post data to DevOps Intelligence. The following types of private tools are supported:
  • Bring your own test: Test API Integration
    • Test file upload support:
      • Unit
      • Jacoco
      • Mocha
      • Karmamocha
      • Jmeter
      • Cobertura Instanbul
  • Bring Your Own Build: Build API integration
  • Bring Your Own Deploy: Deploy API integration
  • Bring Your Own Develop: Develop API integration
  • Bring Your Own Secure API integrations
    • Bring Your Own Image: Image API integration
    • Bring Your Own Static Scan: Static Scan API integration
    • Bring Your Own Dependency-Check: Dependency Check API integration
Industry-standard tools are also supported: Supported tools.

Creating a Service Token

For the Application to access your tool, you must create a service token. To create a service token for a build tool, go to
Settings & Utilities
Tools configuration
Token tab
Select the
Create token
button and provide the following information in the
Add token
section of the token dialog:
  • Name:
    Name of token. It could be any string.
  • Type:
    The type of token needed (Build, Deployments, Develop, Secure, or Test).

Navigating Tools and APIs

The Application provides access to your tools through the
Settings & Utilities
menu is found under the
icon in the upper left corner of the Application. When you select
Settings & Utilities
, the Application displays a series of options, among them
, by selecting it, a new screen will display information regarding all configured tools within the DevOps Intelligence Application.
To view the APIs for your tools, select the
Developer Console
tab found under the
icon located in the upper right corner of the Application. When selecting
Developer Console
a new screen displaying a series of tabs among them
API Documentation
On the
drop-down menu, select DevOps Intelligence from the list, and the
In the drop-down menu, select the technical service (tool) you would like to configure.
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