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Azure DevOps - Test Plan support
Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 11:21 AM

Azure DevOps - Test Plan support

Azure Test Plans is a service within Azure DevOps that provides comprehensive testing tools for planning, tracking, and managing tests and user acceptance to ensure software quality.
To enable data retrieval from Azure Test Plans by DevOps Intelligence, it's crucial to set up an Azure DevOps connection. This connection acts as a bridge, allowing seamless data flow and ensuring efficient integration of Azure Test Plans. The configuration process is straightforward, enabling Azure Test Plans' data within the robust framework of DevOps Intelligence.
Access rights
: The connection must have the following access rights:
  • Test management
    : Read access right
  • User profile
    : Read access right
To access templates, you must have specific roles; please see: Roles required


You must choose the Project, Organization, and Test type, then add a Technical Service to establish the configuration; once you have made those selections complete the following steps to configure Azure DevOps Test plans:
  1. Within Kyndryl application, select the overflow
    button from the top left corner, navigate to
    DevOps Intelligence
    and expand the menu.
  2. Expand
    Settings & Utilities,
    then select
    Tools Configuration
  3. Select
    Add configuration +
    and a
    Add tool configuration
    form will be displayed; here, you will select:
    1. Azure Test Plans from the
      Tool Engine
      dropdown menu
    2. The
      Test type
      Technical service
      each one from its dropdown menu
  4. Select the
    Add configuration
    button at the bottom of the form.
After completing the configuration, you can view the configuration details in the table on the configuration page.
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