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Linking and De-Linking Technical service
Published On Jun 20, 2024 - 10:21 AM

Linking and De-Linking Technical service

Auto-linked technical services can be linked to another technical service in accordance with the pipeline requirements.

Linking Technical service

DevOps Intelligence provides a feature to link technical services. Auto-linked technical services can be linked to another technical service per the pipeline requirements. The following are key points to keep in mind about the linking technical service feature:
  • Technical services are auto-linked for a few endpoints but mapping your technical service is always a good idea, for example, if you see multiple entries for a single service for a different endpoint in the configure technical service table, you can map them together to a single service as your pipeline.
  • Scenarios where auto-linking of technical service is possible:
    • If the same tools provide data to two pages, say Jenkins provides test and build data.
    • If Repository Name can be retrieved from the data. Say Travis CI and Git service sharing the same repoName gets auto-linked.
  • Suppose a repo in git is named demo121 and in Travis (build) is demo121 but in Sonarqube (test) the name of the project linked to the build tool is releasedemo. In that case, the releasedemo of Sonarqube(test) can be mapped/ linked to the above service (demo121) resulting in creating a single service for your pipeline.
This stage is important as it has a direct impact on metering.
To link Technical services, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to
    Settings & Utilities
    Configure Technical service
  2. The Technical Service tab shows a list of filters that can be used to filter and see data in the table below the filters. The following is the list of filters available to select from:
    • Application
    • Develop tool
    • Build tool
    • Test tool
    • Deploy tool
    • Run tool
    • Static scan
    • Container vulnerability scan
    • Dependency check
  3. After selecting any required filters, a list of technical services will appear, where technical services can be clicked on. For Example, the
    technical service discovered from
    , and choose the Nginx technical service discovered by
    (discovered using
    ) and click on
  4. When the previous step has been completed, you see that Nginx technical service is discovered by different tools and is now mapped to a single technical service, and a pipeline is created with the
    stage in Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications – DevOps Intelligence, this technical service will be visible in the Test dashboard of DevOps Intelligence. At this point, if a search is performed for Nginx technical service, you see that both
    technical services have been linked together as per the pipeline requirements.
  • Linking technical services of the same
    is not possible, for example, a technical service registered by Sonarqube and BYOT is not possible as both will have the same service type i.e.
  • If a technical service registered by
    are linked, two separate rows will be shown in the Develop dashboard Technical service view with the same name but will show individual tools data.
  • After Linking technical services manually, technical services which were selected for linking on the
    Link Technical service
    tab will no longer be visible on the main technical service page as they will be mapped to a technical service, but this technical service can still be seen on the
    Linked Technical service

De-linking Technical service

DevOps Intelligence provides a feature to De-link a previously linked service. Auto-linked technical services can be de-linked and linked to other technical services per the pipeline requirements.
To de-link Technical service, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to
    Settings & Utilities
    Configure Technical service
  2. Select any technical service that was previously linked (for example, Nginx).
  3. Select
    Linked Technical service
  4. Select the technical service to be
  5. Select
    Delink Technical service
    , continue with the confirmation.
  6. On Confirmation, the request for delinking will be accepted and the technical service will start existing as an independent technical service.
The request will be accepted for delinking, the individual technical service might take one sync interval (up to 5 minutes) to show up on the respective dashboards.
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