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Application configuration: starting document
Published On Jun 21, 2024 - 10:18 AM

Application configuration: starting document

Depending on when your system was purchased, your workflow to configure an application for onboarding tools will vary. Review the introductory content and choose the appropriate workflow guide for your system.
DevOps Intelligence enables observability of your DevSecOps pipeline, enabling analysis and assessment using performance metrics from other technical services as GitHub, Jenkins, and JFrog, To support this observability, the DevOps Intelligence service allows the creation of applications comprising these technical services. You could, for example, create an application to monitor the performance of builds using AWS CodeBuild and Jenkins. In that case, you could access aggregated Build team data from both tools using DevOps Intelligence.
The workflow for configuring an application like the one in the example varies with the version of DevOps Intelligence you are using, and two different sets of documentation are therefore available. Select the appropriate documentation for your DevOps Intelligence version:
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