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DevOps tools integration
Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 11:21 AM

DevOps tools integration

DevOps Intelligence is designed to be extensible through the use of Developer IT Security Operations (DevSecOps) tools that you might already be using or might plan to use in the near future as part of your operations process.
Each DevSecOps tool can be public or private to the client. As part of the standard DevOps Intelligence offering, only the integration to the five standard public service providers (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba) are included.
All other service provider integrations, even if standardized and covered by best practices, require custom service engagement with a professional services team. Integration relies on REST API calls over HTTPS. In the case of public services, the communication is direct from DevOps Intelligence to the service provider API server.
In the case of private services, the communication may require an agent deployed on the client network. Interactions with DevSecOps tools include:
  • Retrieving issue (defects, tasks) data
  • Retrieving build data
  • Retrieving test data
  • Retrieving deployment data
  • Retrieving Kubernetes cluster and container data
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