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Google Deployment Templates
Published On Jun 05, 2024 - 11:21 AM

Google Deployment Templates

DevOps Intelligence supports your use of Google Deployment Templates, and this page describes the configuration requirements.
For DevOps Intelligence to pull data from Google Deployment Templates, you must configure a Google Deployment Templates account or project.
Access Rights:
The project (Account) should have a service account of that particular project and have access/role at least as Project Viewer and Create New key in JSON Format, which is used to create/configure an account so that DevOps Intelligence can pull data from Google Cloud Platform.
The Google Cloud Platform requires the following steps to Create a Key respective Service Account.
  1. Log in to the Google Cloud Platform console.
  2. Select the project that you want to monitor. Note down the
    Project ID
  3. In the example image below, the project ID is
  4. Your selected project opens in the dashboard; please verify it is the same.
    Google Deployment Template configuration.
  5. Then, from the left navigation pane, select
    IAM & Admin
    Service Accounts
  6. On the menu that displays, click on
    Service Accounts
    , and then select
    Create Service Account
    . The
    Create service account
    dialog box is displayed. This is where the user must enter the account name, along with the following service account details:
    1. Service Account details:
      1. Service Account name
      2. Service Account ID
      3. Service Account Description
Then, select the
  • Next, on the
    Service Accounts
    page also from the left navigation pane, in the
    Select a Role
    field, select → Project → Viewer role.
  • On the
    Service Accounts
    page, grant users access to this service account (optional) under
    Grant this service account access to project
    and click on
  • Select the Newly created service account and create a new private key using the
    Add Key
    button and then selecting
    Create Key
  • Then, a dialog box will appear that shows
    Create New key file
    for your account, here, you must select
    format from the options displayed under
    Key Type
    . After this, click on
  • Now, you must save the projectIDXXXXXX.json file at your respective location. This file is used to configure Google account in Kyndryl DevOps, and it contains the public key.
  • After the JSON is downloaded on the computer, ensure that the following APIs are be enabled on the
    Google Cloud Platform
  • Please Enable API V2 using
    in the APIs console at the following link:
The following example image shows the Enable option which you need to click on:
Google Enable APIs
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