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Cost & Asset Management for Service Providers
Published On May 16, 2024 - 12:21 PM

Cost & Asset Management for Service Providers

Learn CAM functionalities to view both the service provider and the customer tenant data.
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Cost & Asset Management (CAM) for service providers offers a variety of functionalities to view both the service provider and the customer tenant data.
With CAM, Service Providers can consolidate and view all their customers costs for each provider into their own master tenant dashboard and centrally manage costs, resources, and utilization data visible to their customer tenants.
You can add tenants to your customers in CAM by creating a Dynamic Resource Group (DRG) and with that, you can grant viewing permissions to your tenants based on your preferences.

CAM Capabilities

By visualizing, optimizing, and operating your costs and assets data, CAM is designed to help you achieve the following goals:
  • Know how much it costs to currently run your business and to run it in the future, by analyzing cost and asset performance and viewing forecasting costs data.
  • Understand what assets users are consuming, their costs and any rightsizing opportunities based on utilization.
  • Visualize and analyze assets and costs with tools that help you make informed decisions about your business.
  • Have knowledge to strategically align your costs for the future, view underutilized services and unnecessary spendings and make decisions accordingly.
  • View and manage Provider Tags across the multi-vendor hybrid cloud landscape.
  • Establish policies that flag alert when a defined efficiency threshold has not been met.
  • Continuously identify and notify leaders when there is an opportunity for cost saving.

CAM Service Provider Capabilities

The following capabilities are available for Service Provider tenant only, while the customer tenant environment has all features available and can be viewed in the CAM Introduction page.
  • Cost Dashboard: Displays cost trends, budgets and forecasted costs, that provides prospective cost simulations.
  • Saved Views: Allows you to view the saved views created through the platform, specifically on cost and asset dashboards and insights dashboard, and the system reports created.
  • Manual Ingestion: Enables you to do a manual ingestion of the public or custom providers through Cost & Asset Management (CAM).
    Pricing policy in CAM is part of the cost and asset reports feature and it is applied after the next ingestion or remediation job runs from the Cost dashboard. This report is reflected on the Invoice Line Items in the Costs Dashboard. For more information, go to: Pricing policies
  • Jobs: Gives a comprehensive view of the ingestion, tag recommendations and tag compliance status, along with the start and end date of each ingestion.
  • Cost Allocation: Access the list of the allocation of costs created from a source to a target business entity and create new ones.
  • Data Management: Allows you to see job details and delete the data of a provider or billing account on a specific period of time and manage the lists of deleted jobs and view their status.

CAM Dashboards

Cost & Asset Management (CAM) offers a variety of dashboards to view costs and assets, each dashboard has a specific function and provides specific performance data. In the platform, you see exclusive Service Provider dashboards and non-exclusive ones. Learn more about CAM dashboards in the following list:
CAM Service Provider dashboards

CAM feature flags

Find the current Cost & Asset Feature Flags below:
  • The feature flag "BCM_6070_SP_CONTROL_PLANE_UI" will be enabled by default in the SP tenant:
    This will disable Asset dashboard, Tag management and Insights dashboards. If the user disables this feature flag, that will enable the above-mentioned pages but the functionality of those will break.
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