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Catalog Management Dashboard
Published On May 16, 2024 - 12:25 PM

Catalog Management Dashboard

Discover how to manage different catalog functionalities and give specific service visibility to each of your customer tenants.
With Enterprise Marketplace, the service providers can enable different functionalities that help their customers acquire and manage cloud resources. Providers can manage service offerings by using Enterprise Marketplace, giving specific services to each of their customer tenants, according to their needs.
The service provider needs to onboard and manage those services centrally and curate them for its customers, managing and making the services available to each tenant selectively. In some cases, the service provider would need to design newly tailored or customized services for the customers.
Enterprise Marketplace for Service Provider allows you to create and administrate a Master Catalog that allows the customer tenants to discover and pull services.
For information on how to download the chart data for offline use, view the recent issues table, and analyze the orders by customer table on the
Catalog Management Dashboard
, see Catalog Management Dashboard.
For information on the different tabs and categories of the
Catalog Management Dashboard
, see Managing Catalog Categories on Catalog Management Dashboard.
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