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White labeling management in customer tenants
Published On May 16, 2024 - 12:26 PM

White labeling management in customer tenants

Learn to manage the white labeling capabilities for your customer tenants.
Service Provider is currently a
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to provide you with access to new features so that Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications hears your feedback and works on delivering features that meet your needs.
As a service provider administrator, you may want to apply specific branding in your customer tenant to achieve a desired look and feel that matches with your website, name, and other related collateral that you host.
White-labeling has been enabled to accommodate new branding elements like theme, platform name, and more.
The following are the white-labeling capabilities that you have access to as a service provider administrator:
  • Portal banner and landing page
  • Theme, logo, and platform name
  • Customer tenant domain
  • Email notifications


  • You need to have delegated access enabled in your service provider tenant. If this has not been enabled, request it to your Kyndryl Modern Operations Applications administrator.
  • You need to be able to proxy into your customer tenant to make all the required white-labeling changes.

Customizing the portal banner and landing page

To customize the portal banner and the landing page, see Portal.

Customizing theme, logo, and platform name

To customize the theme, logo, and platform name, see Selecting a new theme.

Configuring a customer tenant domain

To configure a customer tenant domain, see Creating a customer tenant.

Configuring an email gateway

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